6210 Documentation

6210 Time Log

6210 Time Log

ALPHA TESTING FEEDBACK – Georgia Master Gardener Extension Volunteer Program

Overall, a very good presentation! I found the slide layout very attractive to look at, and pretty engaging. I learned a lot! I’m not sure how you’d divide the material down any more, but there was a LOT of material, which seemed a bit overwhelming. I’m not sure how much I retained. But otherwise, this is a great presentation! Below are some thoughts on specific components of the presentation:

  • Directions were for the most part clear. I found myself thinking that some kind of a prompt (maybe a “please hit advance to continue”) might be helpful, but this is minor.
  • Help menu items were either obscured by on-screen items (text, photos, etc.), or didn’t show up at all.
  • Nice photos and graphics. Look of the slides is nice and clean. Good colors. Not crazy about the fonts, but they are clean and easy to read.
  • I found I could get around most of the time, but often it wasn’t clear when/if I was supposed to advance the slide. Seems like a minor thing.
  • I didn’t always get feedback on questions (i.e. identify parts of the plant)
  • Take off stock Captivate navigation bar. Would be helpful to have some kind of direction (text or VO) on the very first slide to indicate what to do. It’s not implicitly clear that I need to hit “play”. Might be good to have some kind of prompt to indicate when to go to next slide.
  • Narration is very good! Background noise was often distracting, especially the sound of what seemed to be the sound of the computer’s fan running. I thought it was my own computer fan.
  • VO narration cuts off at the end. Really like the video!
  • Help menu is hidden behind other images on some screens. Also, help menu wouldn’t work under Seed Dormancy slides.
  • On topics page for Sexual Plant Propogation, direction on how to proceed would be helpful (something indicating that you can go to any of the topics listed….)
  • Item D seems to be incomplete
  • Video on sowing seeds would not play. Skipped automatically to next slide.
  • Slide VO says to “move on to asexual propogation” but nav bar does not allow you to advance.

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